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Our management team boasts a combined 10 years’ experience in solar EPC and grids, efficiency projects, consultancy and procurement. Industries we have served include E-commerce chains, Healthcare, Hospitality, Banking, Construction/Real Estate, Marine, Oil & Gas and many more in Nigeria.
Our focus over the next few years includes consolidating in current market and expanding to key markets in East, West and Central Africa.

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As the shift towards renewables and cleaner energy sources intensifies across the continent, we understand the needs for businesses and communities to adapt and scale to sources of reliable and cost-effective energy. Energy Projects Africa is collaborating to facilitate this transition by providing an array of solutions and support services for clients in project consultancy and feasibility, project management and mid-large scale EPC. Our corporate sourcing solution provides operations and maintenance supplies for businesses and parastatals to top off the energy transition cycle.

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Solar and microgrids

We develop and install medium to large scale solar systems for corporate and municipal users to suit their dynamic energy needs.

Energy Audits and consultancy

Understanding corporate/municipal energy needs and consumption is critical to efficient use of resources and optimizing infrastructure

Thermal and Acoustic projects

For commercial, industrial or warehousing applications, our bespoke insulation and acoustic solutions are designed-to-fit.

Procurement and energy sourcing

Meet all solar, power backup, electricals and energy OPM needs with EPA’s “procurement-as-a-service” solution.