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Buildings are the foundation of our energy-efficient future | World Economic Forum


As a real estate investor, you might wish to consider making more investments in green structures. A better percentage of return on investment is ensured when investing in green buildings. The higher price premium applied to green buildings compared to conventional structures is what accounts for it. By drawing in more tenants and lowering vacancy rates, green land property accreditation also helps increase the percentage. This is especially true when the tenants are reputable businesses whose energy forms the basis of their products and services. A building’s life cycle, from site selection to design, construction, operation, maintenance, repair, and deconstruction, should be as resource and environmentally conscious as possible. The traditional building design considerations of economy, usability, durability, and comfort are expanded and complemented by the green energy method. For the usage of African communities and companies, Energy Project Africa (EPA) frequently becomes actively involved in sourcing parts and distributing either lead-acid or lithium batteries. This is made possible by the association of battery producers for usage in Africa. The effort of American and European manufacturers, Pylontech, which specializes in creating innovative lithium battery solutions, Schneider, Fullriver, Index-Exide, and Deka, is used to actualize the procurement. The following are the pros real estate developers should consider:

• Green buildings in the right locations can realize zero utility bills. The appropriate location can result in zero utility costs for green buildings. According to the Inflation Act of 2022, if the costs are incurred between 2022 and 2032, you can get a tax credit of 30% for solar electric systems, solar water heaters, geothermal heat pumps, and small wind turbines. A green building may have a higher appraised value, facilitating resale, and can save heating and utility costs.

• Green buildings are healthier because they are built with natural products that have fewer dangerous chemicals. Due to the use of natural materials with fewer hazardous chemicals, green buildings are healthier. This can lower respiratory issues like allergies and asthma while also lowering medical expenses. In addition, better-quality building supplies are more resilient and ought to need fewer repairs.

• Green buildings depend on the sun, wind, and geothermal energy so there is reduced dependence on conventional sources of energy There is less reliance on conventional energy sources because green buildings rely on geothermal, wind, and solar energy. Thus, the carbon footprint is diminished.

• Green buildings, because of the materials used, have an increased lifespan, providing a better return on investment. Because of the materials utilized, green buildings last longer and offer a higher return on investment.

Green buildings use more efficient and renewable materials for construction. Due to the materials utilized, green buildings have a longer lifespan and a higher return on investment.

The adoption of green energy solutions is usually hampered by a lack of knowledge and experience, not just in the real estate industry but also in other economic sectors. Due to their complexity and high level of technicality, these programs’ enormous potential is difficult for non-experts to understand. Informational barriers partly emerge as a result of the incomplete synthesis of knowledge regarding financial solutions. Real estate managers are unaware of the significant economic benefits that green energy initiatives can offer as a result of these knowledge barriers. By offering advice and accessories that can help you avoid paying an excessive amount for energy, we address this problem. To provide your real estate business with the most effective and efficient energy while lowering the amount of money you spend on green energy solutions on a daily, monthly, or annual basis, our team of engineers and data analysts is well-trained and experienced in the field of energy audit and efficiency.

E.P.A. (Energy Projects Africa) through her Energy audits and feasibility solution helps stakeholders make data-driven decisions in the clean energy space via real-time quantitative research and feasibility studies. If you need a partner with hands-on local expertise in the renewable energy space or any of our bespoke solutions/services, kindly visit Mail to learn more.


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