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Energy Audits & Consultancy

Energy Projects Africa provides clients walk-through and Investment grade audits (IGA) for commercial and municipal buildings to concretize and better understand their overall energy use and trends. Energy audits also help to justify energy bills from utility companies or generators identify and eliminate points of energy waste and inefficiency; and can be a trusted guide to a successful renewable energy rollout plan.

Solar and Microgrids

Commercial users, like their residential counterparts, are beginning to appreciate and demand the economic and environmental benefits that solar power provides as natural gas and oil prices and supply remain erratic. In an unpredictable economy and increasingly limited financial resources for commercial expansion, the need for experienced technical expertise, installation and maintenance of micro grid solar systems between 15 to 50 kilowatts to power business operations is more important than ever.
We recognize these needs at Energy Project Africa and are constantly developing new solutions to provide install-and-use, investment-grade solar solutions for your corporate and municipal projects in Africa.

Electrical and Lighting Installations

Real estate groups, large scale construction projects and rural electrification contracts are some clients benefitting from our electrical projects services. We have expertise in large-scale residential and commercial wiring, electrical retrofits and maintenance and electrical protection to keep you on top of your building’s energy distribution cycle

Thermal & Acoustic Projects

Thermal insulation is becoming now an essential for commercial and municipal buildings in Africa as global temperatures rise and effects of climate change escalate. By adding just a layer of insulation to a building’s roof, walls or cavities, cooling costs have been recorded to drop by 30%. Thermal insulation in commercial spaces and factories especially is non-negotiable as its benefits are immediately visible to the bottom line.

Corporate sourcing and procurement

When it comes to energy supplies sourcing, it is essential to look for a provider who offers competitive pricing and a solution that is tailored to your individual needs. Depending on the industry, many firms have specific energy usage requirements, and partnering with the correct supplier assures improved efficiency and cost benefits, Energy Project Africa (EPA) draws from its knowledge of how solar, electrical and insulation systems, and overall energy projects work to help businesses source and procure the best materials for projects from design to maintenance.