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Wiring at Scale

Real estate groups, large scale construction projects and rural electrification contracts are some clients benefitting from our electrical projects services. We have expertise in large-scale residential and commercial wiring, electrical retrofits and maintenance and electrical protection to keep you on top of your building’s energy distribution cycle


Solutions for medium to low voltage applications.

Transformer installation and commissioning, control panels systems, central air-conditioning and changeover/control switch gear installations for commercial and large-scale utilities combined with a solid electrical wiring bedrock guarantee a building’s power supply infrastructure are efficiently managed. Get A Quote for your LV/MV solutions.

Lighting from city to city

The purpose for the EPA lighting drive is to provide strategies and technologies to construction firms, real estate developers, and industries for optimal lighting performance while reducing energy use. EPA uses the resources within its capacity to improve the quality of lighting by allowing greater user control including an ability to select color as well as intensity. We offer installation, technical support and consultations for street and commercial lighting services that operate for decades without replacement or infrequent maintenance. Get A Quote

Recent Projects

  • Admiralty Homes Estates, Lekki in SW Nigeria
  • Electrical correction for hospital in V/I in SW Nigeria
  • Residential electrical and lighting retrofit in Ikeja SW Nigeria
  • Lagos Homs electrical support in Badagry, SW Nigeria
  • Paul Osaji & Co electrical support, Lekki, SW Nigeria