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Thermal and acoustic projects

Thermal insulation is becoming now an essential for commercial and municipal buildings in Africa as global temperatures rise and effects of climate change escalate. By adding just a layer of insulation to a building’s roof, walls or cavities, cooling costs have been recorded to drop by 30%. Thermal insulation in commercial spaces and factories especially is non-negotiable as its benefits are immediately visible to the bottom line.

The rise in health concerns about noise pollution, the expansion of the construction sector, and the benefits of energy efficiency have also spiked interest in insulation solutions. Acoustic insulation helps reduce external disruptions from human activities, loud noise and co. to make buildings more habitable and comfortable for its users.



  • Commercial roof insulation
  • Office complex soundproofing
  • Recreational clubs and lounges
  • TV/Radio/Sound production studios
  • Conference rooms, cinemas & auditoria
  • Warehouses & factories insulation
  • Hot and cold pipe insulation


  • Soundproofing for auditorium at SOS Children’s village, Ijebu-Owu Western part of Nigeria
  • Roof insulation for Maansbay apartments, Ikoyi Western part of Nigeria
  • Roof insulation for Reddington Hospital, Ikeja
  • Soundproofing of Othellos lounge, V/I
  • Residential roof insulation at Banana Island
  • Konga Warehouse, Ogba roof insulation project
  • Cummins warehouse roof insulation at Ikeja

  • Mtn Server room insulation at Ojota